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Regular readers of this blog will be used to my promoting free and/or open source solutions to enterprise software problems. However, there is one area in which I struggle to do so - namely, databases. Given the ubiquity and importance... Read More..

Just back from speaking at Javapolis - a conference I can recommend to any readers with an interest in Java development.   Extremely well organized by the Belgian Java User Group (no wonder Brussels is the administrative capital of Europe), multiple tracks... Read More..

In my consultancy work I have seen many situations in which people who knew they could deliver real business value by utilizing open source tools found their efforts strangled by corporate insistence on lengthy evaluation processes. Apart from the time... Read More..

This is the 3rd entry in a blog series on open source - this time I will introduce another major open source project of which every enterprise should be aware, and next time I will discuss a quick and simple... Read More..
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This is the second entry in a blog series looking at major open source projects of which every enterprise should be aware. The series will conclude with a discussion of open source adoption issues, providing a quick and simple way... Read More..
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In the next few blog entries I will be discussing open source projects that have reached a certain stage - that of being at least as mature as their commercial competitors. Many organizations are still reluctant to use open source... Read More..
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Keith Harrison-Broninski cuts through the hype in his hands-on guide to where enterprise IT is really going

Keith Harrison-Broninski

Keith Harrison-Broninski is a researcher, writer, keynote speaker, software architect and consultant working at the forefront of the IT and business worlds.


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