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I promised in a previous post to explain more about the free HumanEdj software that will be available in a month or two. Why should you be interested? You might not be - if you are one of the few... Read More..

Business Process Management is generally acknowledged - at least by practitioners, if not by software vendors - to be a form of management, not a form of technology. With this in mind, 2 books I read recently are illuminating on... Read More..

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First, I apologize to regular readers of this blog who have been wondering what has happened to it recently. It has been a busy Summer! In particular, development of the next version of HumanEdj has taken up much of my... Read More..

Keith Harrison-Broninski cuts through the hype in his hands-on guide to where enterprise IT is really going

Keith Harrison-Broninski

Keith Harrison-Broninski is a researcher, writer, keynote speaker, software architect and consultant working at the forefront of the IT and business worlds.


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