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Keith Harrison-Broninski

The new process modelling - Activities

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In th next few posts, I will look at Activities in HIM.  For now, I'd like to offer regular readers of this blog a (hopefully thought-provoking) question to mull over.

In most descriptions of business processes, Activities are described as a means of converting inputs to outputs, optionally with the aid of supporting resources and under the control of business rules.  But are the stated outputs all that arises from an Activity?  In other words, is there something else that is there after doing it, that wasn't there before?

Answer in the next post.  In the meantime, if you would like to try HumanEdj, visit http://rolemodellers.com/get_started to register for an account on the demo Web instance.

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Keith Harrison-Broninski

Keith Harrison-Broninski is a researcher, writer, keynote speaker, software architect and consultant working at the forefront of the IT and business worlds.


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