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The classic "CIO's Dilemma" is to hold down costs while simultaneously investing in innovation for the future - a bit like trying to fly the airplane while refitting it at the same time. Most organizations can only invest 20-25% on... Read More..
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The build vs. buy debate for integration software (both data and application integration) continues. See it on IntegrationTV's Episode Six. This topic, along with the general debate of what constitutes an integration strategy and the differences between application integration and... Read More..
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About two weeks ago, Gartner Research released yet another research report on iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) "iPaaS Expands Beyond Cloud Service Integration Through Flexible Deployment Topologies". Rather than clarify the confusion surrounding iPaaS platforms, it jumbles things up... Read More..
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Yesterday, I wrote in-depth about Gartner Research's recent iPaaS reports. My conclusion was that "in many ways, Gartner's iPaaS reference model (in all its complexity and ambitiously broad scale) is everything you DON'T need to know about Cloud Integration to... Read More..
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What's an iPaaS and where can I get one? I've been reading the various reports from Gartner Research that have been coming out since early 2011 on this topic. To be perfectly straightforward, Gartner's lengthy iPaaS reports leave me a... Read More..
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The more things change, the more they stay the same I remember, back in the mid to late 1980s, talking to IT departments about the concept of a relational database and why having one on their VAX would be a... Read More..
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Hollis Tibbetts, or @SoftwareHollis as his 50,000+ followers know him on Twitter, is listed on various “top 100 expert lists” for a variety of topics – ranging from Cloud to Technology Marketing, Hollis is by day Evangelist & Software Technology Director at Dell's Global Software Group. By night and weekends he is a commentator, speaker and all-round communicator about Software, Data and Cloud in their myriad aspects. His latest communication venture is http://OnlineBackupNews.com - a free resource site to help organizations protect their data, applications and systems by providing online backup best practices, technology insights, strategies, real-world examples and various tips and techniques from a variety of industry experts.

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