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Integration on the Edge: Data Explosion & Next-Gen Integration

Hollis Tibbetts

What Do CFOs Really Need to Know about Integration?

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Constellation Research and Ex-Forrester super-analyst R "Ray" Wang sent over a copy of a Research Brief he recently authored entitled "What CFOs Need to Know about SaaS and Cloud Integration".

Only 10 pages long, including the cover and "abouts", this Brief is a gem - and its value is disproportionately large relative to its small size. Wang crystallizes the key executive-level issues at hand.

The research brief discusses and defines key topics like:

What is Cloud-based Integration? Why is it important?
Why should a CFO care about Integration?
Is Cloud-based Integration more or less expensive? Risky?
How does the proliferation of Cloud & SaaS impact me?
What kinds of Integration should I use?
Why is Cloud Integration strategic to the CFO and to the enterprise?

If you are a C-level executive struggling with "what is integration and why should I care?"(or if you're responsible for educating/convincing such a person), this brief is a must-have.

The excellent "10 Questions" part of the brief came from lengthy Q&A discussions with about 2 dozen CFOs. Their top 10 questions are highlighted in the brief and answered.
Note that this research brief is not free, however, it's a bargain compared to what some other analyst firms charge for such a document.

If you need to educate (or convince) a CEO or a CFO, this brief is priceless.

Note: Hollis Tibbetts is a director for software strategy in Dell Inc.'s Global Mergers and Acquisitions organization. He writes on technology topics such as Integration, Data Management, and Legacy Modernization

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