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Integration on the Edge: Data Explosion & Next-Gen Integration

Hollis Tibbetts

Build vs. Buy Debate on SaaS, Cloud Integration Continues...

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The build vs. buy debate for integration software (both data and application integration) continues. See it on IntegrationTV's Episode Six.

This topic, along with the general debate of what constitutes an integration strategy and the differences between application integration and data integration are the most frequent topics which I am asked to address.

N.B., If you are a software application provider/ISV and you think that "exposing an interface" is an integration strategy, you are mistaken - interfaces are not even the tip of the integration iceberg, and you're missing out on nearly all the strategic advantages of providing rapid integration into your customers' key systems, data and business processes.

Build/Buy for SaaS and Cloud Integration

I had a great phone conversation with (SaaS Integration pioneer) Boomi founder Rick Nucci about a month ago on the build vs. buy topic - specifically why some continue to believe that building their own integration middleware stack is a good idea, despite the mountains of evidence that it makes no sense to do so.

This conversation with Rick, in conjunction with an generous offer from Robin Smith at Virtual Logistics, the sponsor of IntegrationTV lead me to do an interview on the topic of Build vs. Buy.

IntegrationTV is a site that focuses on relevant and valuable integration topics. It combines interviews with various subject matter experts and links to supporting articles for download. It's a vendor-neutral destination that deserves a visit.

Upcoming Articles on SaaS and Cloud Integration

I plan to do more writing on various aspects of build vs. buy (I've already written a general article on the topic - rather controversially entitled "Building Integration Yourself - Possibly the Dumbest Idea You've Had in a Long Time").

I speak with various ISVs on a regular basis, and many of them are under the impression that exposing interfaces (typically REST or SOAP) is an integration strategy...something I strongly contest. So stay tuned for an upcoming article on that topic as well.

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