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Deb Smallwood

Insurance 2009 - Clarity, Focus And Choice

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2009 looks to be a promising year; the possibilities are infinite. It will require
the industry - both carriers and vendors to have clarity, focus and choice around every aspect of the business. With the right blend; profitable growth, improved operational efficiencies and superior customer service are all possible.

Let's explore a way to make 2009 success happen...

Clarity: Clear Vision and Strategy. Know exactly where you are going, what you want to achieve and where you want to be by the end of 2009. Start the journey, knowing fully that it will change throughout 2009. Just be open to the experience, adjust and modify - keeping clarity to the infinite possibilities in front of us.

Focus: Balance Strategy with Tactical. With the downturn economy, soft market, and poor investments, this year more than ever will require keeping an eye on strategy with the right blend of tactical/operational initiatives. Finding this right balance will require focus.

Choice: Right Decisions at the Right Time. Making the right choices on business and technology are essential. Given the environment, there is no room for misalignment of IT and business, in missed opportunities or wrong IT spend. Flawless execution in choices is a must.

With this simple model in mind through 2009, it will bring great successes to us all.

The purpose of the SMA blog is create a dialogue around insurance transformation; launching a different perspective on linkage between strategy, process and technology choices and shifting the mindset from a technology driven approach with SOA & BPM to a business driven service-oriented thinking that creates agile and flexible new insurance business models. Look for a wide gambit of trends, research, case studies, and insights on making transformation a reality.

Deb Smallwood

"I grew up in the insurance industry and have experienced the shackles that ineffective business processes with misaligned monolithic technology solutions have placed on insurance companies...

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Karen Furtado

Karen Furtado brings a wealth of industry knowledge to SMA. She spent 25 years at CGI, focused in insurance. Her specific areas of expertise include product development, complex system implementations, vendor selection processes, project management and business and IT outsourcing services. Her passion is working with both technology providers and carriers to deliver high-value solutions for core issues facing the industry. Karen actively participates as an industry speaker.


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