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What follows is my podcast with John Thompson, CEO of Kognitio's North American operations. We discuss the rise of BI SaaS, or BI in the cloud, among mid-tier companies. We learn how Kognitio pioneered the concept of BI SaaS with... Read More..
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What follows is my podcast with Bill Soward, CEO of Adaptive Planning. We discuss the benefits of SaaS and Cloud-based applications in the business performance management space. Bill will offer his insight on how the economy over the last 18... Read More..
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Listen to my podcast with Daniel Auker, at Sybase, the provider of business intelligence, database management software systems, and mobile enterprise solutions. Auker briefed me on Sybase's new analytics announcement, a new hosted business intelligence solution for messaging traffic, and... Read More..
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Listen to my podcast with Barry Zane, CTO at ParAccel, provider of a data warehousing and analytics platform. Analytics have recently been thrust into the spotlight -- according to Zane, Gartner identified it as one of the top 10 strategic... Read More..
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I just had the opportunity to record a podcast with Gartner analyst Andrew White about Master Data Management (MDM). Editor's note: Gartner's MDM Summit will be held in Las Vegas this April 14-16. Learn more about this event here. According... Read More..
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Says Borge Hald, CEO of Medallia, a company that focuses on building customer experience management (CEM) software: "It's all about making companies customer-centric." This is Part I of a two-part podcast interview, and in this one, Hald explains what customer... Read More..
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What follows is my podcast with Mark Thompson, President of OSS-im View, which is part of Creative Vistas, a provider of business intelligence software. In this podcast, Thompson shared with me how Creative Vista's BI software is different than what... Read More..
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Ever wonder what the difference between Decision Management and BPM, BI and Business Rules Management is?ebizQ blogger James Taylor succinctly explains the differences between each of the approaches in a great article published in this month's Business Rules Journal."While there... Read More..

"BI in the cloud is of great interest to a sizable market and it will become mainstream more quickly than most expect."So says Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft, in response to Monday's ebizQ Forum question, "What Challenges Arise With BI... Read More..
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Jayaprakash Kannoth

Jayaprakash Kannoth is Software Engineer at TechTarget. His areas of interest include business process management, enterprise architecture, business intelligence , cloud/infrastructure computing and technology in business.
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