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Governing the Infrastructure.

David A. Kelly

Featured solution - BP Logix Workflow Director

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Today's featured solution is BP Logix Workflow Director from BP Logix. BP Logix is a software vendor that doesn't have a governance-specific solution, but does have a practical solution for many process automation problems that organizations may have.

As I've noted in my previous column, there are many ways to address governance concerns--from manual governance processes to governance-specific solutions. A product like BP Logix Workflow Director falls in the middle (or, okay, perhaps on the side). It doesn't directly address governance per say, but at the same time, organizations using it to automate processes can build in the rules, validation and process automation that will contribute toward an organization managing its processes better and more consistently. In this scenario, better governance is basically a byproduct of good process automation.

BP-Logix is a web-based solution that enables organizations to manage, automate, track, audit and report on critical business process. The product includes a combination of functionally, including: workflow, electronic forms, document management, collaboration and integration. The product also includes a built-in business rules capability that makes definition and on-going management dynamic and manageable.

While the product could be considered "BPM-lite" it's actually a fairly sophisticated solution for a wide range of basic process automation and management requirements. While organizations with heavy integration requirements will probably do better with a different solution, BP Logix can provide a practical solution for many automation, workflow, e-forms, reporting (and compliance/governance!), and document management requirements.

I like governance products--but I also really like products like BP Logix, which can solve real business process or automation problems and deliver real value-add, while also delivering the additional benefit of better management, better reporting and management and feed into a compliance/governance strategy.

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