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Governing the Infrastructure.

David A. Kelly

Solid Revenue Growth in BPM and Enterprise Architecture

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This week's announcement by Metastorm shows that not all is bad at the moment. The company, which acquired Proforma Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise modeling solutions for Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Business Process Analysis (BPA) back in late 2007, announced record revenues for 2008. Clearly, they're doing something right.

While Metastorm as has been a leader in the BPM area for years, one of the things that I think they're doing right, and one of the things that seems to have contributed to their strong results is the powerful combination of BPM and enterprise architecture. BPM by itself is important and good. But when combined into a broader context with enterprise architecture, organizations can leverage not only process improvements but overall business improvement, through a unified enterprise model that can help disparate parts of an organization collaborate and innovate in ways that would otherwise be too difficult.


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Your title is slightly misleading. Metastorm's figures don't mention anything about profitability, just revenues

I have to agree. Metastorm have posted consitently misleading information regarding their revenues and profit, at least as far as the accounts they published when attepting IPO show. The constant aquisition of new copmpanies (fueled by venture captital) allows them to claim constantly increasing revenues. Quite a neat trick, really.

Having said that, they are doing well, and seem to be weathering the recession well. We firmly believe that BPM is the best way to deal with a bad market. Increasing efficiency by spending $100,000 is far more attractive thatn the millions required by the IBMs, SAPs and Oracles of the market.

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