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Governing the Infrastructure.

David A. Kelly

Software AG's approach to better SOA

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This week, SOA governance may have gotten a bit easier, at least for users of Software AG's CentraSite. Software AG released its SOALink Cookbook, which is basically a developer's guide to interoperability between CentraSite ActiveSOA and other SOA assets. Developers would use the Cookbook and its "recipes" to facilitate the integration and use of different SOA components.

While this is good, it also points out that in many cases, SOA is still about technology (another point that Anne Thomas Manes was making a few weeks ago in her "SOA is Dead" viewpoint). When bits come to bytes, developers have to be in there coding SOA services and managing SOA interactions. Organizations can commit to the higher-level benefits and overall vision of SOA, but without solid developer support, SOA projects will linger, take longer than expected, or not deliver the benefits expected.

However, I am a little concerned about Software AG's overall SOA approach and market presence. While Software AG has compelling technologies and a rich experience when it comes to SOA, it doesn't seem to be able to consistently translate this experience into expanded market presence as much as it should. Perhaps this partly because SOA and SOA governance remains an area that requires continued education. From that perspective, Software AG continues to deliver the goods--a range of SOA-oriented education and best practices materials that help organizations understand how to leverage, manage, and profit from a transition to SOA. Its CentraSite Community is certainly asset for both Software AG as well as organizations pursuing SOA and SOA Governance. And while a single SOALink Cookbook isn't going to really move the needle much in terms of awareness or market presence, it's another positive step for helping the SOA community.

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