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Governing the Infrastructure.

David A. Kelly

SOA in Tough Economic Climates

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Okay, so combine a difficult economic climate with a complex technology solution like SOA and what do you get?

If you listen to some people and blogs, you get a lot of marketing hype about SOA without a lot of demonstrable results. You get a conclusion that SOA is dead.

And while good likes like SOA aren't easy, and the results generally don't just fall into your lap, I think there's more here than simply declaring SOA dead and moving on to the next big thing. From the organizations I've talked with, SOA is still alive and well, and doing quite nicely, thank you.

Perhaps you've had a different experience, though. Either way, this week's Webinar on SOA Infrastructure for Any Economic Climate is a great place to explore these issues and come hear how (or if!) other organizations are having any luck using SOA during these difficult economic times.

Now that every IT group is pinching pennies and rethinking their infrastructure needs, come find out if it's time to throw SOA out, time to hold steady with your SOA plans, or (perhaps) time to invest even more. What's the responsible way to build a SOA infrastructure given the level of business uncertainty today? Join me, along with Marianne Hedin, Ph.D., Research Manager, Worldwide Services and Services-Oriented Architecture: The Services Opportunity at IDC and Marie Wieck, Worldwide Service Product Leader for SOA and Middleware Services at IBM to learn more on this week's webinar. See you there.

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