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Governing the Infrastructure.

David A. Kelly

Predictions for 2009

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So what does the future look like? I have a few ideas of things that will matter in 2009:

  • Less is more. More specifically, smaller is better. Instead of large IT projects in uncertain times, organizations are shifting to smaller IT projects with specific payback opportunities or certain needs. Gone (well, not really--perhaps just slowed down,) are the large-scale infrastructure projects that last year or the year before seemed to make sense.

  • The news is in the clouds. Cloud computing will capture the hype, if not the market, although it does seem like time for more companies to strongly consider hosted alternatives to a wide variety of solutions. SOA will start to link itself more and more with cloud computing.

  • Open source gets a second wind. With tighter pressures than ever before on IT spending, smaller departmental projects and smaller shops may opt more for open source than previously. Of course, Linux continues to gather steam.

  • Governance is hot. Even if spending doesn't increase significantly on IT governance (I don't think it will, in terms of dollars), focus and resources devoted to governance will increase this year. Compliance, governance processes, and reporting will become more important for almost all industries, although ones looking for bailouts (banks, car companies, perhaps newspapers?) will have to tighten their governance screws to justify accepting free money.

  • Broader BI. Years ago, BI was BI. You bought BI tools to do data analysis in your database, data mart or data warehouse. Not so today. BI is everywhere. Today's business analysis and business intelligence should be built on data coming from all types of systems, sources and databases. It should be cross-application, cross-process and cross-company. In 2009 we'll see an even broader application of BI than ever before.

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Totally agree with your predictions on Smaller projects, Cloud Computing, and Open Source. I hope Governance will take a front-seat within organizations, but I don't think most understand it, nor do they have the resources to make it work. I'd also throw in a revisit of (new interest in) Agile-like methodologies, especially since prediction #1 above is for smaller projects (where Agile works well).

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