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Governing the Infrastructure.

David A. Kelly

Featured solution - Compuware Changepoint 2009

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This week, we're taking a look at an IT portfolio management product--Compuware's Changepoint 2009.

Compuware Changepoint 2009 is an IT portfolio management solution that allows organizations to have greater visibility into all the work of IT. Changepoint 2009 provides advanced financial and resource management capabilities, as well as functionality to help drive user adoption. Organizations should use Changepoint for both financial planning (for tracking and understanding the value of IT investments) as well as for improving resource management (for example, allowing organizations to do "what-if" scenarios"). When used correctly, Changepoint allows organizations to take a business-centric view of their IT organization, resources, and assets, and match them more effectively and efficiently with ever-changing business needs.

Changepoint 2009 adds new functionality in three key areas: financial management, resource management, and usability. These changes reflect the new economic climate that enterprises find themselves in today, enabling IT managers to improve portfolio management, identify priorities, and deliver on business and IT goals with tightened budgets and waning resources. By adding functionality in investment planning, resource management, and funding allocation, Compuware provides an even stronger solution that can help customers develop mature financial discipline, a necessity for today's IT department.

Given today's economy, this type of portfolio management product can be an important part of the IT/business toolbox. Offering IT staff better ways to manage their annual planning cycles, funding allocation, and investment decision making processes is a requirement in the face of the new economy, and Changepoint customers will find themselves at an advantage. The flexibility of the Compuware Changepoint platform to be implemented internally or hosted off-site is another key benefit for both large and small companies.

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