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Governing the Infrastructure.

David A. Kelly

SOA Governance Frameworks--Are They Worth It?

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I hate to do more work than I really have to. If there's an easy way out, I usually consider taking it--even if I opt for putting some extra effort in and doing something right when the occasion calls for it.

It's the same with SOA Governance--too many companies that I've talked to have (or are considering) taking the "easy" way out and putting off SOA Governance or governance decisions and investments until later on in the SOA development or deployment process, when "they really need them."

Although I understand the thought process, I believe (in general) that it's a bit short sighted and potentially a risky move for both the IT organization and the company's business. In these days of economic uncertainty, it's certainly worth it to think more than twice about any new IT investments, but when it comes to SOA governance, it's something that organizations stop and consider not just the investment and effort required, but the potential upside.

A recent IT Drilldown column on SOA and SOA frameworks in CIO Magazine makes a similar point--that a solid approach and a SOA framework is required to capture the true value of SOA.

The authors point out that implementing a SOA governance framework requires:

  • Enforcement of the architectural governance aspects

  • Setting up of the design-time governance objectives

  • Deploying run-time governance

  • Managing governance for on-going change

As the authors note:
Without an effective governance model it is extremely difficult to enforce consistent management and security policy to make sure all these resources are standards compliant, properly secured and well monitored. So smart enterprises have made SOA governance frameworks an imperative part of any SOA implementation in their organization today.

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Hi David

We just published on new book on SOA Governance. If you would be interesting in reviewing the book, I can send you a copy for review. Please drop me a note if interested.

You can find the details on the book here:


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