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Governing the Infrastructure.

David A. Kelly

Good SOA Governance

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Perhaps perfection is too much to count on. Especially in IT, and perhaps even more SOA. But it isn't too much to aim for. Especially when you're using SOA governance. Good SOA governance can help an organization create effective SOA solutions--not without making mistakes, but perhaps without making major mistakes that might derail a SOA project or even worse an important business process. Good SOA governance can help reduce the risk of SOA failure and increase the benefits that a good SOA solution delivers--increase agility, increased reuse, and more effective and efficient business services. Governance also becomes increasing important as organizations grow their SOA and start to allow services to interact with external services or service providers. While good governance has always been important--both in business and IT, it's one of those things that can ebb and flow, wax and wane, depending on the specifics of where a company is at any given time. However, for most companies, good SOA governance needs to be both consistent and proactive. It's not even to set up SOA governance policies and practices--an organization needs to make sure they're being followed all the time, in a consistent and effective manner. Letting go of the SOA governance "wheel" can easily cause SOA projects and IT initiatives to quickly unravel--or at least become more risky and much less efficient.

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David A. Kelly

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