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Governing the Infrastructure.

For many IT departments, 2009 is turning out to be the year they're doing more with less. At more, with a lot less. With a lot more uncertainty. I believe that there's going to be more pressure on organizations and... Read More..
In a recently released IDC report on IT services market in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan), IDC sees a 'back-to-basics' forecast for 2009, with an increased role for corporate governance, as organizations try to balance governance and cost savings. According to its... Read More..
In his blog, The IT Governance Evangelist Steve Romero from CA brings up a great point about decision-making. From his perspective, decision making is the heart and soul of IT governance. "What decisions are made, who makes them, and how,... Read More..
Okay, okay, so SOA isn't easy. And no one (well, perhaps auditors, governments or shareholders) like compliance. But good compliance can make SOA easier to implement--at least that the gist of Jaimin Patel's article in Computer Technology Review. Patel, director... Read More..
No one wants to spend more time then they really have to managing compliance or risk. For small companies, it's generally not a big deal--but for mid-sized or large companies, risk and compliance management can be huge. Dealing with, quantifying,... Read More..
This week's announcement by Metastorm shows that not all is bad at the moment. The company, which acquired Proforma Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise modeling solutions for Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Business Process Analysis (BPA) back in late 2007,... Read More..
In this week's forum, we're discussing a great question that's particularly relevant these days--do we need IT governance for social media? Do Web 2.0 initiatives need IT governance? Few would argue that there are basic governance issues when it... Read More..
Today's featured solution is BP Logix Workflow Director from BP Logix. BP Logix is a software vendor that doesn't have a governance-specific solution, but does have a practical solution for many process automation problems that organizations may have. As I've... Read More..

Governance from Within

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While there's been lots of conversation about governance, from IT governance down to SOA governance, and there are an increasing number of governance-specific technologies that can help organizations implement more effective governance strategies, there are other ways to solve your... Read More..
This week, we're taking a look at an IT portfolio management product--Compuware's Changepoint 2009. Compuware Changepoint 2009 is an IT portfolio management solution that allows organizations to have greater visibility into all the work of IT. Changepoint 2009 provides advanced... Read More..

David A. Kelly's blog explores how organizations can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes and IT infrastructure through proper governance.

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