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First Look

Krissi Danielson

IBM Pushes ISV SaaS Offerings to Market

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     Key Points and Resources

  • Demand for SaaS and how it affects ISVs
  • Challenges ISVs face in going to market with SaaS
  • What IBM offers to help ISVs
  • Where to learn more about IBMs SaaS roadshows

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Dave MitchellThe demand for SaaS applications is on the rise. This isn't news to anyone, and least of all, to independent software vendors (ISVs) who are rushing to get SaaS initiatives in place in order to meet customer demand.

But for companies without a background in SaaS,
getting an initiative to market requires some new
thinking, says Dave Mitchell, Director of Software as a Service for IBM.

"IBM works with ISVs and service provider that are looking to deliver SaaS solutions," he explains. "We have ISVs, both established ISVs that are moving to the SaaS model, and ISVs are being born on the Web to enable, deliver and market their SaaS solution."

Unique Challenges ISVs Face in Marketing SaaS Solutions

For companies that have dealt with the on-premise model in the past, SaaS is a whole new ball game, says Mitchell, with financial, business and technical considerations. Companies have to think about things like revenue recognition and sales compensation, in addition to marketing techniques and numerous technical issues, such as data security.

IBM builds its strategy to help ISVs around three pillars of enablement, delivery, and "go-to-market," Mitchell explains. With enablement, IBM offers the ISVs access to tools and resources. In delivery, IBM works with partners to offer ISVs the hardware, software and managed hosting services they need. And to help partners get to market, IBM supports its partners' attempts to be successful and to use IBM's infrastructure. Mitchell offers a graphical illustration of IBM's SaaS enablement roadmap with the various steps and options in which IBM can help.

Roadshows in Toronto and Chicago

Michell points readers to IBM's ISV/SaaS website to learn about the vairous options. But in addition to the online resources, IBM is offering a series of free half-day workshops aimed at helping ISVs, called "Fast Start to SaaS". Upcoming shows will be in Chicago and Toronto, with possible European and Asian events next year.

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Points of Concern (Software as a Service)

1. How the Data security of Consumer is ensured/assured ?

2. Is any agreement will be made to not to store customer specific or consumer specific Data during service

3. How high availability of Resource is assured/ensured?

4. Is version-wise Deployment of Software as a Service will be available for consumption ?

5. How Fix-pack updation,upgradation are done and the down-time is notified ?

6. How the scalability is assured/ensured?

7. How Testing and deployment of developed components are done ?

8. Is the Software Service is customizable based on need?

9. How the platform independance is achieved?

10.Is all the software products can be exposed as a service or some restrictions needed to be imposed on software
product type?

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Krissi Danielson

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