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First Look

Krissi Danielson

Skyway Brings J2EE, AJAX and Adobe Dreamweaver to SOAs

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     Agenda and Resources

1. Origin of Skyway
     a. What is Visual Workspace?
     b. What does Visual Workspace offer?

2. Version 5.0
      a. New features
      b. Comparison to other SOA offerings
      c. Existing customers using new release

3. Compatibility with Legacy Apps
      a. How well it works
      b. Customer Case Study

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Ever wished you could be sure of what you were getting from an SOA deployment and be able to make sure it was going to meet your business needs? Would you also like a solution that works with both AJAX and Adobe Dreamweaver that generates industry-standard J2EE code?

That’s the aim of Skyway Software, a company whose CTO Jared Rodriguez recently sat down with ebizQ’s Gian Trotta for a First Look at Skyway’s recently upgraded Visual Workspace solution.

“Skyway Software has been around since late 2001,” said Rodriguez. “We started the company to address the challenges we saw in software development the software delivery lifecycle -- the challenges around the expense, the complexity and making software and delivering it."

Rodriguez described how Skyway also hoped to respond to SOA initiatives springing up around the industry, given that many in the company were involved in the UDDI and SOAP specifications. Skyway’s existing customers include TD Ameritrade, British American Tobacco and many others.

Skyway Visual Workspace 

Skyway Visual Workspace, the company’s primary offering, is a model-driven environment that allows customers to create graphical models that get turned into the code of a solution that is to be deployed. Visual Workspace enables companies to model a solution, pick out an environment on which to roll it out, and then create industry-standard J2EE code ready for rollout.

In addition to the Visual Workspace tool itself, Skyway offers a set of processes that go around it, says Rodriguez. These processes “enable an organization to be more accurate in what it delivers, so as to ensure that the solutions that are built really match up to what business is looking for,” he said. “That process, combined with our workspace, enables it to be done much, much faster than can be coded today.

What's New in Version 5.0

Rodriguez feels that a disconnect between customers and IT is one of the biggest problems in the software development lifecycle today.

“The way that a customer is queried upfront and use cases are generated and these long requirements-gathering processes go on, while often very handy in trying to understand what the customer wants, never really fully addresses the problem,” he said.

Rodriguez cites estimates from analysts that as many as 80 percent of solutions delivered may not match with what businesses want, so the latest iteration of Skyway Visual Workspace gives customers the ability to have an interactive demo to see what they’re getting in advance.

“The prototype is 100 percent leveraged into the code and the models that end up being deployed long-term,” he said.

Version 5.0 of the software also includes a model-driven AJAX environment inside of Skyway that enables the building of applications with graphical models. This means users can build rich user interfaces that look at act like rich clients, but without a lot of XML and JavaScript.

The new version also includes the ability to integrate with Adobe DreamWeaver and added support for distributed transaction models.

Comparison to Typical SOA Offerings

Although many SOA offerings revolve around the runtime side of things, Rodriguez points out that Skyway plays in a different space, focusing on delivery and deployment.

“Skyway tools are really all about how do you build these things and then deploy them out into the environment and not about how do they run after the fact,” he explains. “What comes out of the Skyway Skyway platform is industry-standard J2EE code that's all packaged up and ready to deploy to an application server and enabled as Web services."

Compatibility with Legacy Applications

What if a company has an antiquated ERP or CRM system? Rodriguez feels that Skyway has great offerings for how to extend legacy systems without actually having to replace them. He cites the example of Southern States, which had a perfectly functioning JD Edwards system that worked for every area except customer pricing. The Skyway Workspace helped Southern States to extend their current system but to build out new logic and new UIs to manage custom pricing.

“That's actually a common thread,” he said. “We see that in most of our customers. They're not building Greenfield applications; they're extending what they've got that's inside their enterprise."

To find out much more about the topics summarized above, including which Skyway customers are already using the 5.0 release, listen to the entire 9:54 podcast.

--executive summary by Krissi Danielsson

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Krissi Danielson

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