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Bluespring Moves BPM Closer to MS Office 2007

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Back in August, we profiled how companies could use Bluespring Software's BPM Suite 4.4 to work with popular Microsoft Office apps to involve a larger percentage of employees in BPM initiatives.

JeffMIlls.jpgLast month, Bluespring announced an even more tightly integrated upgrade for the upcoming release of Microsoft Office 2007.

It will allow users to access much more data, such as ERP and CRM and legacy systems “in a format people can do something with – what Microsoft calls being ‘people ready’?, Bluespring's Vice President of Channel Development and Marketing Jeff Mills says.

“In layman's terms, what it means is that it's a really powerful capability to be able to take data our of all kinds of disparate systems and present it in Excel, Word, Infopath, Outlook -- the common desktop tools people already have and many cases they already know how to use -- to simplify people's jobs,? he said.

It also lets non-developers design, launch, manage and make changes to a process with limited to no IT involvement.

“There's no lost in translation from business trying to let IT know what they're trying to do, and from and IT standpoint, it lets them focus on and infrastructure, and keeping servers running that host these applications, as opposed to always making all the day-to-day changes to the business rules and business process that ultimately should reside the business folks,? Mills says.

The approach scales across numerous industry verticals:

“Our technology is vertical agonistic in that every industry where it's deployed, at a high level and at a process level they all have process problems and they all have a high variety of people who have Microsoft Office on their desktop.

Mills went on to detail a specific case studies and further describe BPM Suite’s actual workings with Office, InfoPath and Sharepoint. He also addressed how BPM software can still be improved.

“I don't think you can wave a magic wand and technology can get up and running, but we can make people’s lives much easier than it is today,? he notes.

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