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Ultimus' iBAM: Zero to BAM in 10 Seconds

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Today we're going to look at a quick way to implement - and to interactively manage - business activity monitoring.

Rick Thompson of UltimusLast month, the Ultimus Corp. announced the Ultimus iBAM Suite, which has two pretty notable features: It enables business owners to create a BAM infrastructure in under 10 minutes - and then gives business side managers the ability to adjust key performance indicators in real-time.

"Most of our customer have already deployed Ulitmus BPM suite to gain greater process control and efficiency," Ultimus CMO Rick Thompson said. "But they were also interested in measuring short-term snapshots and key performance indicators, and they really started asking us a couple of years ago if there was a way to provide increased short-term visibility through business activity monitoring."

However, Thomspon noted, traditional BI and BAM systems "can cost between 200,000 and $500,000" and are complex to deploy -- and require a lot of IT resources.

But combining BAM with BPM lets an organization get started quickly at a lower cost, and Thompson noted, gives "an added degree of accountability, so not only when a threshold is achieved can an alert be sent to someone, but then because it's linked with BPM, you actually have the ability to assure that execution has happened."

Users can used iBAM's drag-and-drop interface to create a gauge and a dial in less than 10 minutes and begin monitoring their key business processes, while open architecture and Web Services and .Net compatibility ensures the BAM capabilities can expose any database or system that exists in the company.

Case studies and possible uses Thompson detailed include:

-- A finance department can see how many accounts are over 30 days outstanding, 60 days outstanding or 90 days outstanding.

In addition to monitoring the level of overdue accounts receivable, "You can actually trigger an email that would be sent to the account notifying them that they're slow on their payments After 60 days, you might want to not only send a follow-up email, but you also alert your finance people to call the particular account," Thompson said.

-- A support center might want to measure the number of support calls, the number of calls required to close a support incident, and the percentage of support calls that are successfully resolved in the first call.

"Then what you can also do is trigger an alert, for example; if a customer calls back more than three times, and the support incident is not closed, that could send an email to a support manager who can then intervene to insure that the right steps are being taken," Thompson observed.

--Another customer is handling promotions and rebates for hundreds of products for two of the largest do-it-yourself home improvement centers in the country.

"They have rebates for discounts on hundreds of different products that they have. It's a very complicated process that requires a lot of different approvals from the product managers and account managers, and then it has to get paid back to the customer in time," Thompson noted. "Any product manager can go in and look in real-time see what is the status of each of those rebates, what's the payment on it, and does any action to be taken in order to push those through.

"The same thing can happen in shipping, as each product is loaded on a shipping dock onto a truck, they can enter into their system right on the dock, and as all orders get completed, that can then be tracked by the Ultimus BPM engine," Thompson added. "And then the Ultimus iBAM Suite provides visibility so that management and other people like the dock manager and also the business managers can see how they've performed that day."

As an added bonus, "they can also build visibility through business activity monitoring into their manufacturing as well and they can see on a daily basis how production is stacking up versus targets," Thompson said.

To discover many more ways that BAM and BPM can be made to work together, listen to the entire podcast. Download file

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