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ClearApp's QuickVision Into SOAs

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Here's some news for companies seeking a model-based approach for better visibility into their SOA management and portal performance.

The Ascera Corporation has just changed its name to ClearApp Inc. -- and in keeping with the new name, it has released a new version of its flagship application performance management solutions -- ClearApp QuickVision 6.0.

ClearApp's Jason Donahue The new name, President and CEO Jason Donahue says, reflects their "instant and ongoing visibility into SOA environments.

"We provide unique visibility into SOA environments," Donahue maintained. "SOA is very different from traditional application development environments, in that the whole sort of premise of SOA is that you build an underlying set of infrastructure for your application that is hopefully fairly static, and then you have the ability on top off that infrastructure to add services on the fly."

Traditional application management gained performance visibility largely via manual bicode instrumentation platforms or resource management platforms, Donahue noted. "And that worked very well in J2EE application worlds where application environments were pretty static, but in SOA, things change," he observed.

"What happens -- and we've seen this time and time again in prospects and customers," Donahue notes. "Is that people buy these bicode instrument applications, and they have good visibility the first week, but then as the application changes they lose their visibility and they have to reinstrument the application or turn monitoring off.

Usually what they do is the latter, because they can' get access to the particular engineer or expertise needed," he added.

"QuickVision, because it is model based, has a hierarchical service based representation of the application and how business logic flows across the application," Donahue added. "We basically have closed loop application to track any change to the application; we automatically reflect those changes so we constantly have on our consoles or our partner's consoles and up-to-date view of what's going on in a SOA environment," he said.

To hear more about how this approach can benefit your business, click on the link below.

For complete details, listen to the podcast. Download file

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