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Using BI To Ensure Guinness Stout's Freshness

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If you're one of the many people worldwide who enjoys a fresh pint of Guinness Stout, you may have SeeWhy Software's new approach to Business Intelligence software to thank for it.

A single factory in Dublin provides the 10 million glasses of Guinness drunk daily - and SeeWhy CEO Charles Nicholls explained some of the logistical difficulties in getting it shipped worldwide.

Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy"The product was leaving the factory on time, but it was arriving on time less than 50 percent of the time," Nicholls noted.

But SeeWhy's ability to analyze historical and seasonal data to find unusual shipping conditions, then issues alerts via e-mail alerts and dashboard displays, has brought that up to 80 percent.

Ease of use was another big challenge. Nicholls also spoke about how increasingly hard-to-use Business Intelligence systems have created problems.

"The first generation of BI was oriented around the presentation of data: 'Let's get the numbers of the people,'" Nicholls said. "The second generation is much more sophisticated; it's oriented around, just as in the case of Guinness, presenting the problems ... and telling me what I need to be worried about. And that takes it to a much higher level of use which enables you to deploy it much more broadly.

"In the case of Guinness, these are guys in the shipping department who would not ordinarily benefit from BI," Nicholls noted. "But you're giving information right in context, which says, 'This shipment is running late and is this is going to cause you a problem in your supply chain in the next five days unless you do something about it.' That's of higher value and much easier to act on."

Nicholls went on to further detail several other scenarios for BI 2.0's interplay with SOA.

"BI 2.0 is basically enables you to plug Business Intelligence directly onto an SOA, so you can analyze a stream of events coming off an ESB and automatically drive closed-loop actions...rather than relying on an analyst to notice a problem and take corrective action."

"The key thing is that you can now view events as a data source upon which you can provide analysis. And that's fundamentally different," he summarized.

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