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Xactly: Sales Compensation via SaaS

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We're back in the SaaS market today to report on how Xactly Corp. is focusing on a lucrative niche in the Software-as-a-Service market.

Desta.jpg Xactly's Vice President for Product Management Desta Buchowski talked about how sales compensation programs were a good target for a SaaS service -- and what benefits they bestow on management and sales forces.

Buchowski feels they provide a flexible, cost-effective model, a short implementation cycle and for their sales team, visibility into both current compensation but and "what if" calculations for selling certain deals.

"This is going to enable the company to really drive their business," she notes. "We want to incent the sales team right so they can sell more."

For complete details, listen to the podcast. Download file

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amazing to see what was considered a niche in 2006 is big business today. Looking up old articles is interesting.

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