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Tungsten: A Complete Open Source Middleware Solution?

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"We think we have a pretty unique product," WSO2 co-founder Paul Fremantle says of his company's new Tungsten application server package. He calls it "the first pure open source SOA application server."

tungsten_logo.jpgTungsten was built around XML and Web Services from the ground up to facilitate service-oriented architectures, rather than just act as a Web application server, Freemantle notes.
"It was designed from the ground up to be based around integration ... but we think there's a new challenge, which is not just to be Web friendly, but to be integration friendly," he adds.

User cases range from simple exposure of Java code as XML or Web Services to abilities far beyond integration application servers.

Such potential recently drew a $4 million investment from Intel Capital.

"That's about a shared vision with Intel," Fremantle explains. "We actually believe that the XML middleware space actually scales beyond just beyond integration application servers."

Fremantle says the funding will be applied to new solutions that will scale across Java, C and .NET. The ultimate goal is "a complete open source XML middleware solution."

For complete details, listen to the podcast.
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There are so many companies in Open source market like JBOSS/Redhat, ActiveGrid and Novell, will WSO2 survive or it will be acquired by some other company. WSO2 doesn't have a unique product or service, so customer buying ws02 service/product must think twice before buying from them.


Dear Phil,
Interesting points -- we just posted a news story on the Tungsten release here:


that makes the company's case. I think all the software/capabilities are becoming commoditized, so the companies are going to try to differentiate themselves on flexibility and customer support costs.


Tungsten is a unique product. We are the key company offering support for the Apache Axis and Axis2 projects, which are widely used, and Tungsten is the first SOA server that focuses just on delivering Web Services - really really simply, fast, and with whatever quality you need.

The best way to see is to try Tungsten out... and you will see the clear value it has.


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