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What are the low-hanging fruits for BPM?

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From Jonas Ekstrom: What are the easy victories today for BPM?

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  • Even with all the advances in BPM capability, including process intelligence, collaborative annotation, social media integration, etc., the classics never die. Paper-intensive, email-driven, spreadsheet-captive processes such as capital expenditure requests, HR requests, and policy management, among others, continue to represent the toe in the BPM pool for many customers.

    But hey, you've got to get your feet wet before you can get to the deep end.

  • +1 for Scott's answer. From a practical perspective taking manually intensive and paper driven processes are easy fodder.

    I wrote a post about selecting the right customer process for case management but this is no different:


    Complaints is perhaps one of the best processes to actually tell you from a customer’s perspective what is actually wrong with your organization, not what you think is wrong with it. Whether you like it or not, the customer has their finger on the pulse of your broken processes more than you do. And implementing BPM either from an efficient methodology or an automated solution, whether simple workflow or full-blown case tool, will give you that much needed insight and tracking in order to support further process improvement and widen the scope for future solution implementations.

    There's fruit that's sitting at the foot of the tree and there's fruit still gripping to a branch. I'd say aim a little higher because with the right branch you can pick off many fruits.

  • Agree with Scott the easy quick wins as he describes but as he suggests "toe in the water" so make sure you buy into a sustainable supporting technology ready to "eat the tree"!

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