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How important is SOA to a company's mobile strategy?

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As Forrester says here (which requires registration), "SOA is driving such new software architecture trends as mobile applications."  So exactly how important is SOA and enterprise architecture in executing the mobile strategy for a company? 

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  • SOA is at least as importnat as it was prior to the Mobile era. Mobile technology enhance the possibilities of consuming SOA services. The users capability to consume Services is enhanced due to higher availability and reduced location dependency. The users interaction is now more sophisticated. Business Services Location related functionality was extended dramatically.

  • An enterprise SOA is a big investment and there must be questions on real need and are there better ways?. The dynamic interactions with users brings us to the people BPM thinking and what I would call "SOA in a box" where there is an orchestration of people their roles, tasks and required data to be presented on the UI including mobile. Investment at this level will be a fraction of a big enterprise SOA plus over time the need for enterprise SOA will diminish as the enterprise focus moves to supporting people as described?

  • According to the mobile strategy, SOA is very important. You can find many alternatives nowadays but this is one of the important things that I consider for a mobile application. So I prefer SOA to be very important in the field of mobile strategy. Hostsailor

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  • SOA stands for 'Service Oriented Architecture'. We all know that according to the growth of the business we often add new products and services. slip and fall attorneys in my area This SOA helps us to make it easy for businesses to grow and add new services.

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  • What do you mean by this SOA and what is its usage? I don't have any idea about this SOA. more tips here Is this used as a business strategy? I want to know more about this. Can you please share it in detail?

  • Advantages of service-oriented development: 1. Software reuse. If the bundle of code that constitutes a service is the right size and scope (a big if, say SOA veterans), then it can be reused the next time a development team needs that particular function for a new application that it wants to build. https://www.affordablelectricians.com.au/electrician-hawthorn.html

  • Service Oriented Applications, has become a vital part of any company’s strategy that is actively looking for new ways to stay relevant and position themselves for better opportunities. https://www.bathroomrenovationscentralcoastnsw.com/

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