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What role will 'big data' play in BPM?

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In your opinion, what role will big data play in business process management?

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  • Big data's biggest problem is process. There you go...I just spoke the unspoken truth.

    The single biggest problem with big data and its hype is the maniacal focus around Hadoop, which is just a tool for distributing data and processing and then getting a subset of information back when you ask it a question. It is a batch process and has little to do with getting anything actually done.

    Business process, on the other hand, is what matters when Hadoop helps you crunch that data. It is the proof in the pudding and the only reason to spend the money to process all of that data in the first place.

    There, I just said it.

  • I think it will play 'Big'. BPM will leverage big data to make smart 'decision(s)' in the process, 'initiate' processes and a drive process 'Change' or facilitate 'agility' in the processes. Maybe big data will be the next step towards 'Artificial Intelligence' in BPM.......... let the fun begin

  • To business "big data" is a mystery (more IT hype?) BPM will both makes sense of data in context and with the right supporting technology might reduce duplication so making it just "data"....?

  • Big Data is just data. Has been and always will be, there's nothing large or scary about it.

    The 'big' shift comes from the analytics and how that data is handled and fed back into process but BPM won't do anything special with it because it's not built for that. Stop listening to analyst twaddle and all this Nexus of Farces stuff.

    I spoke about AI in or around 2009, we're 4 years on and nothing much has happened, the data hasn't changed. There might be more available channels to collate and correlate data but making actionable sense from it still comes across hurdles because at the end of the day the intelligence to make a decision still lies with a human.

    What role will Big Data play ? None.
    What role will Data play ? Same as it always has.

  • Clay Richardson spoke about this at our user conference in 2012 (as part of a keynote presentation about "taming big process").

    His take was that by 2020, big data feeds will connect to a value stream view of the big process. This will result in faster time to pinpoint and respond to emerging issues across channels.

  • Big Data plays no role in BPM other than potentially giving BPM something to manage.

    It's like satellite telemetry: the intelligence embedded in that information may be mission critical, but the information itself really has nothing to do with the process of beaming it back to Earth for action.

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