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How do you define business architecture, and how important is it to BPM?

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How do you define business architecture, and how important is it to the success of BPM?

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  • Business architecture, a tier of an enterprise architecture describes the structure of the business.
    It shows the business functions in interconnections and the main business flows.
    See a generic business architecture at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYP9RpVTLXA

  • Business architecture is what's left when the power goes out (think: NBC's Revolution).

    Its the essential elements, independent of technology, that comprise the business. This consists of strategic (e.g., motivation, goals, objectives, etc.) and structural (e.g., capabilities, functions, processes, data entities) elements.

  • Like other useful forms of technology, BPM both informs, and is informed by, business architecture. BPM doesn't just support the way we've always done things; it enables us to do things differently, through greater cross-silo collaboration, closer customer relationships, and tighter regulatory compliance.

    In general I guess I'd say that technology is to business architecture what materials are to physical architecture. The advent of lightweight, high tensile-strength building materials didn't just enable us to build the same stuff more easily; rather, it provided a way for us to create awesome new structures that nobody could have imagined before.

  • Business architecture defines the business through structuring organizational objects such as goals, processes, roles, services, functions, etc. The structure and usage of objects is based on organizational goals and principles.

    The same goals and principles shout be taken into account in BPM. Business architecture shows how goals and principles can be met. BPM shows which processes contribute in what way to your goals and principles and what processes should be optimized (and how) in order to reach your goals and maintain your principles.

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