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Cloud Computing

What was the biggest development for the cloud for 2011?

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It's that time of year again when we take a look back, so what do you think was the biggest development in the cloud in 2011?

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  • The biggest development for the cloud this year was, well... development IN the cloud. The categorization of Cloud as "another place to host your apps" provided some incremental efficiencies, yes, but that's a pretty commoditized activity. We always knew the cloud could do more!

    Setting up elastic, on-demand dev and test environments in cloud actually turns out to be the best first use case of cloud in the enterprise. As developers need to create new functionality and verify its performance and quality on top of layers of existing stuff, they all inevitably demand their own environments.

    We've seen many enterprises that have dev and test environments outnumbering production environments by 7-to-1 or more - and with inconsistent accuracy, as there is a great deal of manual setup and maintenance involved in each of those instances. Let's harness all that excess computing power and pool it inside the company as Private clouds -- and for higher capacity or seasonal needs, instantly provision ready environments in Public clouds.

    I've written a paper and articles this year on DevTest Cloud scenarios if you want our take on it: http://www.itko.com/resources/service_virtualization_devtest_cloud.jsp

    But whatever mix of technology - companies are looking at the proliferation of environments, and the 100s or 1000s of developers and testers a large company might have, each tweaking on their own servers. That's millions of IT dollars and man-hours wasted that don't really contribute to building new features for customers. What's cool is that in 2011, we've actually seen companies embrace this concept.

    There's a great first use case and quick wins for your cloud initiative by doing application dev and test in the cloud.

  • First thing that comes to mind are the push of devices towards cloud like the iPad, iPods, Kindle and Chromebooks. More consumer (and devs) adoption than big enterprise, really.

    I was betting on dynamic cloud infrastructures to really come to fore this year. It did but it's still not quite there yet although next year would be interesting.

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