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What is your best BPM success story?

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As we enter the season of thanks and celebration, I thought it would be a good time to ask: What is your best BPM success story?

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  • The best success story is not how much money you saved an organisation, how many processes you automated and FTE reassigned, how many processes you documented in 3 months in a repository....

    It's creating an awareness within the organisation to the point that they fully understand and appreciate just how important process thinking is for them and how BPM can drive that value from the ground right up to the CEO setting the Mission Statement. In doing so allows them to make the first move into BPM territory.

    Education is always the best indicator of success, it's the first step in BPMs own story.

    The rest is history.

  • Tricky one. How does one measure and therefore consider is considered best? Here are some metrics from our clients

    - largest number of end users engaged; over 200,000
    - content accessed most often; 2m page impressions per month
    - largest ROI; 1100%
    - greatest promotion of Project Sponsor; promoted to CIO North America
    - fastest benefit; 2 weeks to turn around (ie engage end users) for SAP implementation

    Note: largest project by revenue to Nimbus is not on the list as it is not relevant. This is about clients not us.

    Every client has a different aim, but fundamentally it is about making everyone's work easier, faster and more valuable.

  • Ian Gotts stole my thunder with the largest successful BPM engagement that I've witnessed.

    As my second choice, I was in a meeting two years ago and introduced to the Global Close Controller of a major oil services company. She asked me to look at a significant SAP orchestration problem she was having. At lunch, we talked about the problem. By end of day, we mapped a solution that was implemented over the next two months across 350 different SAP-using entities (most of that time was training and rollout). 350 users had their work significantly improved over eight days each month of the year (just under half their working days), into the foreseeable future, for a total software and consulting outlay of $60K.

    300% ROI in 60 days and a more accurate close of the books every month.

  • To get value out of BPM, you need good product, proven methodology, a team of real experts cutting across development to project management, and lots of executive support. With these ingredients, you can create tremendous value:

    – Saved $845,000 in management oversight, increased outsourcing production volume by $2,520,000, and reduced material selection time by $338,000 at shipbuilder
    – Saved $6.3 million in operational costs offboarding soldiers from military active service
    - Saved more than $1.3 million in engineering operations at auto manufacturer
    – Reduced system costs by >$1M by cutting enrollment and eligibility processing from 20 days to same-day

    Right now working with Telco on pushing BPM into 18 countries of LatAm and Africa for >$1M in annual savings in operational costs and complete SOX compliance.

  • The most successful effort that I participated in was a few years ago. It was successful because the company transformed its operations and continued to be a leading competitor in its industry.

    The CEO, CFO, COO, and CIO visited with everyone involved with the effort each week. The visits continued from the start of the project until it moved to the program phase. The CFO and COO, in particular, asked regularly, "Are you encountering any obstacles? If so, how I can help you with them?"

    Everyone affected was required to attend classes on the new way of doing business, and each participant (amazingly) arrived to class wanting to learn.

    This project was an incredible experience for the company, my team, and me. To this day, I look back on that time as a highlight in my professional career.

  • The BPM team at Casewise are working with an EU member country's interior Ministry of Finance helping them to meet austerity measures, streamline and standardize processes, integrate data and solutions, and rationalize costs.

    To date, a number of bpm workflows have been implemented including generic request approval cycles, expense approvals, purchase request and supplier approval processes. Although sounding simple, each of these workflows were highly complex given that each had over 100 integration activities, and were to be used by all government offices that engaged in regular communications with the Ministry of Finance.

    Result to date include reducing the expense approval requests process from 2 days to just 35 minutes; a reduction in human resources; a reduction in the total annual costs relating to supplier management; and the rationalization of SAP licenses.

    The ongoing project has been a great experience for everyone involved and we are proud to play a part in such an extensive program.

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