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What is the secret to software accessibility?

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In this excellent article by Steve Yegge about his experiences working for both Google and Amazon, Yegge states, "It's called Accessibility, and it's the most important thing in the computing world.  The.  Most.  Important. Thing."  So what is the secret to software accessibility?

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  • Very broad question.

    If you are delivering websites, or applications that run in the browser, then accessibility is all down to W3C standards and basically following guidelines for links, and page design (use a div not a table for example). This is probably where Google and Amazon etc come from. But thats not software in general...

    Essentially if you are delivering software then design sometimes has to be sacrificed in order to ensure accessibility. But, if you follow good accessibility design patterns, up front, then most times you will find you meet accessibility needs without really trying too hard. Issues often arise if you dont think of accessibility at the design phase (alas this is the majority of software and websites)...

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