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What was the most important development in BI for 2010?

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What do you think was the most important development in BI in 2010?

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  • powerpivot

  • All walks of tablet devices.

  • The introduction of IBM Cognos TM1 to our toolkit for modeling in memory. The power of a read/write multi-dimensional data model provides us with a way to view and analyze data AND the make decisions.

    Thanks for asking, Leo

  • The "democratization" of BI - opening up business intelligence to a broader audience (everyone making daily decisions rather than only business analysts) by:
    - using intuitive interfaces to make it easy to interact with and consume relevant information and associated analytics to help people make better decisions more quickly;
    - making information access ubiquitous via cloud and mobile applications;
    - making it cost-effective to deploy to large numbers of users;
    - making it affordable for the mid-market.

  • The most exciting development we saw was the market shift to embrace better approaches to BI, moving beyond traditional cubes and schemas for greater self-service and user empowerment. Several analysts have documented this shift and how customers are rethinking what they want from a BI solution. Here are two examples: a recent Aberdeen webcast with Macys.com: http://bit.ly/eq2PUw, and Howard Dresner’s Wisdom of Crowds BI Market study: http://bit.ly/dUXjpI.

  • Collaborative and Social BI

  • I like the replies already posted that focus on the advancements toward more pervasive BI (greater self-service, democratization, etc.). During 2010, we've seen a meaningful increase in the rise of modern, web-based applications that embed or conjoin sophisticated analytics alongside the core application . . . which may well be the best way to reach many more business users with insightful reporting and analysis.

    Admittedly, I've written more about this topic here: http://bit.ly/dY2QjQ

    Brian Gentile
    Chief Executive Officer

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