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What key developments do you see for SOA in 2011?

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Last week we looked back and covered the biggest developments for SOA in 2010, so looking ahead, what do you see for SOA in 2011?

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  • What I would like to see is further standardizations not only in messaging (i.e. xml files), but also in master data models, so that loosely integrated multiple systems work together better.

  • I would agree that further inter-operability standards or perhaps a return to the standards originally closely associated with SOA before it was watered down by marketing hype. Inter-operability is key to cost effective and successful integration projects now and into the future and these can also be hugely helpful to invoke services in The Cloud or from the Cloud to private services which is where I think the future lies.

  • There will be few mentions of the terms "service oriented architecture" and "SOA" over the coming year -- but it will be an even bigger part than ever before in the way enterprises and vendors build and deploy technology solutions. Everyone will be talking about cloud, virtualization, data services and social enterprises -- and SOA will be foundational logic for all these initiatives and more.

  • The most promising area in SOA developments in 2011 could be Services for Social Networks.
    I would expect SOA related key developments in Business Process Management (BPM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Case Management.
    I doubt if we will see key developments in SOA related to Cloud Computing in 2011. As far as Cloud Computing is concerned we may see Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) relted developments, which will also be related to Virtualization.

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    I strongly believe SOA will be fundamental for the following areas in 2011 as customers try to adopt them more and more.

    Service providers in the cloud - Big, small, tiny will all have WS*, REST API for integration. Its up to the enterprise to have a solid SOA model in place.

    Analytics and Visualization - Again lot of cloud providers building situational and location based visualization.

    Social Media for Business - This type of integration will be more of widgets style but SOA design approach is fundamental

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