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Who Will Win the Race...Content-Centric BPMs or Human-Centric BPMs?

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Sunil Raveendran: Who Will Win the Race...Content Centric BPMs or Human Centric BPMs?

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  • I dont think there is a race, and if there is there shouldnt be...

    The future for BPM is to embrace both content and human aspects, and thats how it always should have been too. This is the way I have always viewed BPM and the only real way BPM platforms can embrace humans and their actions, is to become a lot more adaptive. The big constrait on the majority of BPM platforms is the use of the may, this immediately puts content and process above humans, and thats not right...

  • I'm with Andrew. What we have is not a BPM race but just vendor terminology trying to vie for top spot, which once again muddies the waters for existing clients and newcomers to the BPM scene. It doesn't help when the analysts weigh in with their own variants either in a bid to create a false paradigm. It's like calling a housewife a Domestic Engineer....

    BPM is what you want it to be and will flex to the enterprise goal you're trying to achieve, whether it's simple mapping or full blown execution, let's just drop the focus on fancy names and concentrate on solving the organisational problem at hand with the right solution.

  • I agree with both Andrew and Theo, there isn't a race, except in minds of BPM suppliers.

    In addition to the idea of content and people, we need to focus on the goal of a particular process. For example, is it to increase customer satisfaction and quality delivery? Is it to increase revenue? Is it to mitigate risk? It could be a combination of balanced objectives.

    One example of a content centric process is found in the mortgage industry. The automated foreclosure process was designed primarily for speed, which created nearly as many problems as it was supposed to solve.

  • SocialBPM, BPA for the Masses, User-centric BPM, Content-centric BPM, BPM, Intelligent Operations Manual...

    Please feel free to add your version to the list.

    Every company on the planet loses if vendors and analysts continue to intellectually masturbate over the title.

    Why companies do they lose? Because it means that they wil be confused and therefore continue to use MS Powerpoint, Visio or a technically focused modeling tool - which end users reject. And therefore the benefits of consistency and compliance evaporate.

    Can we all agree on one term for the (manual and automated) processes that are documented that end users are prepared to look at, understand and use.

    Hint: BTW That is not BPMN

  • I agree as well. Wow, never seen so much agreement.

    A couple of years ago I published an internal memo on how the internet will turn "human centric". It is not a "kind" of software, but just a reflection of a trend: everything is going to become more human centric. This simply means that the software we use will know more about the users, and be able to customize the interaction to fit your preferences. Anonymous interaction will decline. Usability will improve.

    So it is not really a race, simply a trend.


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