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In One Sentence, How Would You Make the Business Case for BI Right Now?

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This question lead to an excellent discussion in SOA last week, so in one sentence, how would you make the business case for BI right now?

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  • BI moves the organization forward with sustaining a competitive advantage and assists with maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • BI has been more or less a patchy IT job offered to business users – and so its been 30 years since LOTUS 1-2-3 and people still use the extended versions of it. Thanks to Mitch Kapor BTW!

    What’s required is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) driven Business Intelligence Platform with end-to-end Governance managed by Business Users. This coupled with SOA to feed the required information!

  • One sentence: Properly implemented, business intelligence may be the only information-based tool that can uncover new sources of revenue (top-line), help take chunks of time out of processes (efficiency) and find ways to remove costs from an organization (bottom-line).

    With a modern BI tool and the benefits now being seen from open standards, web-based delivery and much lower license and implementation costs, the potential ROI on BI projects has never been better. In fact, BI is now being used in projects and areas where traditional, expensive BI tools would never be an option. This is a great time to be making a business case for BI.

    Brian Gentile
    Chief Executive Officer

  • BI supports the business control function.
    Controlling a business without a consistent system in place means doing a poor job and, ultimately, leaving behind chunks of profit.
    BI can engineer such a control system.

    Augusto Albeghi

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