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Cloud Computing

Will Cloud Computing Become More Important Than the Internet?

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In this PC World blog, Cloud Computing Will Surpass the Internet in ImportanceGeorgetown University professor Mike Nelson is quoted as saying exactly that, going on to say, "Cloud computing will allow developing nations to access software once reserved for affluent countries. Small businesses will save money on capital expenditures..."  What do you think?

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  • Saying that cloud computing is more important than the Internet is like saying ink is more important than paper or televisions are more important than electricity. There is no cloud computing without the Internet and the Internet enables many other forms of distributed communication, so, as wonderful and influential as cloud computing is, it will always be slave to the Internet.

  • Cloud computing and the internet are so tightly intertwined that one is not more important that the other.

    According to the NIST definition, one of the key components of the definition of Cloud Computing is ubiquitous network access. (Many sources for this - a good read is the Cloud Computing Use Cases Whitepaper available here: http://www.opencloudmanifesto.org/resources.htm)

    Cloud computing may get more press and may be the sexier side of the story since it is how end users actually interact tangibly via applications. The network is the enabler behind the scenes.

  • The internet promised and then delivered a connected world though a ubiquitous network. The internet by itself never promised infinite elastic computing resources. Emerging cloud computing infrastructure when extrapolated out to its natural conclusion can hold that promise and threat. How about that for a wakeup call! You have to believe there is someone staying up late in the Defense Department thinking about that one as well.

    Obviously, networking and computing go hand in hand and one begets the other, but just thinking about the possibility of nearly infinite computing resources made available any where in the world limited only the imagination of its consumers, delivered unencumbered to any individual or organization equals the promise and the threat of the Internet, in its brilliance and chilling ramifications.

  • I Believe both are complementary to each other and need the other to be successful.

  • I´m agree with Marc Rix and I've a question, It's true this "Small businesses will save money on capital"? I've a lots of doub about this...
    Cloud It's a excelent idea, and He have a great future but I don't think always It's a more economical solution..

  • What could be be more important (for human evolution) than the Internet, in view of its social dimension, making up 'The Web'?

    While cloud services draw on the same technology as the Internet, their social impact is far below that of the 'The Web'.

    Web-Servers serving 'The Web' are running in a globally open collaborative framework, governed by human culture.

    In contrast, Applications-Servers, providing Cloud-services, are running under closed service contracts, governed by law and capital - hardly the stuff supporting 'developing nations'.

  • The Cloud is just an evolution of the Internet, or better said the Web, to the provision of IT services to companies, not only people, that will render the business environment much more dynamic.
    The internet enabled people and companies to access world wide information, services and effect e-commerce and B2B transactions.

    The Cloud will provide computing services over the Internet (probably an enhanced one) to companies, not only people, on a similar world wide basis. It will enable a much more dynamic and agile business environment.

  • I think cloud computing as we know it depends on the Internet. The Internet got us all connected; its like the US Interstate highway system.

    The highway system got all our towns connected together for more efficient travel between towns. There is also a "national security" element to the roads in the event of a war or other natural disaster.

    What type of vehicle we put on the road is orthogonal to the road itself. I can travel from Syracuse to Baltimore using my private car, rent a car, or I can purchase a ticket on a (now geeked out) Greyhound bus. All three scenarios use the same road (with different QoS). But with my car I have to purchase the vehicle (buy a server) whereas the bus ride I only pay for what I need (subscribe to cloud computing).

    So I don't think its a matter of importance. Without the Internet, public cloud computing is greatly threatened by having no foundation to run on. There is a dependency relationship here.

  • Saying so would be mean - like telling one kid they aren't your favorite of the two... :)

    Applications for the Cloud wouldn't be too interesting without the Internet - if we weren't developing applications for the Internet, it is also unlikely we'd arrive at today's concept of Cloud Computing, or need the kinds of bandwidth that make Cloud viable for business.

    But Cloud Computing is not just a child of the Internet - in terms of Private Clouds is a unique way to gain a whole lot more capacity and elasticity within an enterprise's own IT resources. There are still huge delivery efficiencies to realize within the enterprise (or a developing business or nation) as well.

  • 'Importance' is such a blanket term that it tends to obscure the fact the internet and cloud computing, while often the tandem, provide a separate set of values and meanings to different folks. And it's not just always about economics as primary metric. Social value will always be of primary concern in the same way that corporate culture occupies a higher seat than corporate strategy.

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