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Big Data Has Been the Topic of Interest Recently; Will the Various Solutions Change How We Do BI in the Future?

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Big Data has been the topic of interest recently; will the various solutions change how we do BI in the future?

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  • In a couple of years, what looks like Big Data today will be routine loads. Just as 1 TB was a big deal a few years back. As we grab and leverage more data from the Web, it's all going to be Big Data everywhere.

  • Beside the ability to handle the large data volume; which is where Big Data is being most associated with (hence the name); it really is less about that.

    Rather the strength of these solutions will be to further the ability to learn more about the data, manage complex data transformations, handle calculations that fall outside the normal SQL operations, all leading to democratization/education of the data.

  • Big Data is the 'New Normal' for Business Intelligence.

    Mr Mohammed El-Erian, CIO of Pimco, first introduced the phrase New Normal and it has since been used by many people (including Steve Ballmer of Microsoft!) to signify a significant shift in the way things 'were' as compared to how things 'will be' in the future.

    In the context of BI, Big data has come to include all the systems & process around data generation, collation, management, control & usage. Data generated by business transaction systems have been increasing rapidly and with the advent of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.), it has exploded exponentially (a little out of control, if I may add!). We are clearing entering the era of petabytes & exabytes as the 'New Normal' for BI data management systems.

    Jotting down some points that will come in handy to tame this 'Big Data':

    1) New data storage & manipulation techniques will unfold - Ex: Hadoop & MapReduce, Columnar databases, MPP architectures etc.

    2) Divide & Conquer data - Organizations will develop their business architectures around distributing data across multiple platforms (on-demand & on-premise) to make sense out of them.

    3) In-Memory Analytics will continue to put more power in the hands of the business user - Faster & More powerful analytics with the proliferation of 64-bit processor families and In-memory based BI tools like BO Explorer, Qlikview, Microsoft PowerPivot etc.

    Am sure that there are many more interesting ideas to manage & make sense out of Big Data.

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