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Should ETL, DQ, DW, and MDM be Considered a Part of BI?

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As Forrester asked in a recent TweetJam on Twitter, Should ETL, DQ, DW, and MDM be considered a part of BI?

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  • ETL, DQ, DW and MDM are all the "mechanics" of creating Business Intelligence and making sure that the data is clean and there is one version of "truth", etc. We have been talking about these so long that they appear to create an impression that that's all there is to Business Intelligence. BI is about the usage of Business Intelligence and not about the creation and cleaning of the intelligence we have. They are crucial but that's not all unfortunately! We need to move beyond the basics and address the availability, currency and easy usability of BI. That's where the real value lies!

    Just my 2 cents!

  • As part of a holistic definition; sure; each of these technologies/processes/architectures interconnect to create a broader target environment(s). When one examines and outlines the information flow that comprises their BI environment; they would take into account all processes involved to understand the what, where, and hows of the data that is analyzed.

    At the same time; this relationship/dependancy can be described as decoupled; as these data management technologies provide the similar functional integration across enterprise applications. BI itself can exist and operate without the existence of these technologies inside its environment as well.

  • Hi I was wondering how can MDM improves BI processes in an organisasion?


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