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Is Melding Social Media and Web Analytics Along With Traditional Sales Intelligence a Flash in the Pan?

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Nari Kannan: Business Intelligence increasingly involves melding Social Media and Web analytics along with traditional Sales Intelligence. Is this real, long-lasting or a flash in the pan?

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  • I believe it is very real and will be not only long-lasting, but very influential within the fact-based decision-making process of an organization.

    Making better decisions is all about understanding what is happening today and then applying that knowledge to make improved decisions for tomorrow. This blending of social media, web analytics and quantitative sales intelligence can be used to construct a sales-process-specific "mashboard" that helps bring together facts (through business intelligence-based data), sentiment, and pertinent ideas into one location. Done correctly, a mashboard provides contextual relevance - to help an executive be more accurately responsive to changes in business conditions (maybe even more predictive, without the weight of a statistical tool, per se).

    And, because the blending of qualitative and quantitative data is so powerful for a wide variety of business processes, I'll submit that mashboards stand to become one of the most widely used tools in business intelligence during the next few years.

    Brian Gentile
    Chief Executive Officer

  • if organizations find value in this convergence of information; it will be real and will become part of the decision management process.

    The proof of this will be the use cases and metrics taking these sources of data into account. One such example is Customer lifetime value that now includes interactions and conversations into the fold.

    What is important to note here; that the inclusion of both qualitative and quantitative data into the decision making process provides both a balance and a new perspective into the business operations.

  • This is very real and becomes the paradigm of Sales Intelligence. Social media provides customer data around behaviors and social interactions. Capture of such data creates a new dimension to business intelligence, which was not there before. Not to mention such intelligence creates significant value for businesses and the consumers as well.

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