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Cloud Computing

What is the Biggest Question You Have About Cloud Computing?

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With Cloud QCamp coming next Wednesday, April 7th, it seems like a good time to ask what outstanding questions still exist with Cloud Computing so we can address them at Cloud QCamp right here.

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  • My question is:

    So far the cloud "revolution" has primarily been at the application layer via SaaS and at the infrastructure layer via IaaS. There have been some attempts to provide PaaS but mostly restricted to more classical development containers such as Azure or Google AppEngine.

    When will the cloud start creating deep impact in the middleware space and what segments will be affected first? Enterprise-to-cloud integration? Web 2.0 Application Infrastructure? Modern Internet B2B? Supply Chain?

  • Why is it called "Cloud Computing"?

    Why not "Galaxy Computing"? or "Intergalactic Computing"? or "Not Located Here Computing"? or "Done Here But Hosted There Computing"? or "Done There And Hosted There But Accessed Here Computing"?

  • It was originally intended to represent computing done off-premise via the internet and provided by third parties. Then the vendors' marketing teams got a hold of it and changed their power point slides from SOA-enabled to cloud-enabled. Now they preach that we should build our own private clouds in our own data centers because the real cloud is not secure. Notice that these guys all sell hardware and on-premise software. Repackaged goods!

  • Some of the questions we most commonly hear about Cloud adoption are:
    - What happens to my data center with the cloud option now available?
    - What workloads are suitable for the cloud?
    - Will all workloads eventually move to the cloud?
    - Is it not expensive to run 24x7 workloads in the cloud?
    - Are all ISVs moving to the cloud?

  • Adding to Shreekanth; hearing many similar questions;

    What workloads and applications most suit the cloud.
    Does platform integration get easier in the cloud.
    Is the private cloud really viable both technically and cost of ownership
    What does it take to migrate my application to the cloud; without disrupting my business.

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