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Is it Time to Skip Flash for Good?

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Phil Wainewright: Apple's CEO Steve Jobs says that Flash causes more crashed systems than any other software. It doesn't run on the iPhone or iPad, and power users recommend uninstalling Flash as a surefire way to speed up browser performance on any PC. With the forthcoming HTML5 set to usurp much of the functionality of Flash, who needs it anyway? Has Flash had its day?

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  • Has Flash had its day? Yes. I believe that Flash is essentially a leftover from the Client/Server era (do you remember PowerBuilder/DLL from hell?). Web is based on open standards and interoperability and Flash doesn't fit into this model. We don't use Flash at GoodData and we are able to deliver the same functionality with open technologies: html css javascript. See it here in action: https://secure.gooddata.com/ And I am using html5 based Google Voice app on my iPhone and it feels like a native app...

  • Tough question...I dont think Flash has had its day, not yet. There is a lot of Flash bashing at the moment and its a little harsh. Sorry you can always see a javascript css solution compared to flash, its not as smooth and doesnt work quite as well...Plus the whole way in which we use javascript etc within a browser is not a great way of working (being in a browser is far too limiting)...We need to move RIAs away from this...This is something I have written about http://andrewonedegree.wordpress.com/2010/02/06/redefine-the-way-we-use-the-web-to-unlock-its-potential-web-3-0/

    So has flash had its day, not yet..However, I would choose Silverlight for RIA apps / thin client business type apps, and for basic websites, javascript and css. As for my thoughts on HTML 5..Lovely idea, but I am not that optimistic, simply becuase HTML has been around forever as a standard and yet the browsers still render it differently..alas this wont change with HTML 5, its just a fact (i am not saying thats right, just the world we live in)...Again something I have posted about

    Seems a popular topic of conversation this...

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