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Will 2010 be the Year When We Have More Automated, Effective Solutions to Cleansing Data?

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Nari Kannon: Dirty data has always been the bane of Business Intelligence. Will 2010 be the year when we have more automated, effective solutions to cleansing data? What innovations do you see emerging this year?

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  • From a BI standpoint - MDM is a bit of a help but that still doesn’t account for the bulk of the transactional data being generated from various data sources.

    I believe, embracing SOA and making information available for consumption through services will be a way to ascertain data is clean but the problem still will be the other forms of data sources which have a penchant for not going away! – such as data from spread sheets, files and legacy systems et al.

  • True that MDM doesn't address transactional data, but that data isn't duplicated or inconsistent. On the other hand, dimensional data is where you find duplications and inconsistencies, and that fed into a DW/ BI system produces unreliable reporting - garbage in, garbage out. By having the MDM system provide clean, consistent dimensional data with complete hierarchy will enable better BI reporting. To learn how, read this previous post - http://bit.ly/1MV29V.

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