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What's Your BPM "Elevator Pitch?"

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We ran this question for SOA with great success right here.

So you're the CIO of a Fortune 500 company and you step into an elevator with your CEO. He asks why we should approve your seven figure BPM budget request. So what's your "elevator pitch" for BPM? Make it short and to the point -- the elevator is already rising fast.

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  • "Hi Boss, We've decided to go with an open source BPM product, so I'd like to reallocate some of the "00s" in my initial BPM Budget Request. Thanks to the Open Source Alternative, we can save significantly over the proprietary options in the market and not sacrifice any functionality."

    Then I'd ask for a promotion :)

    Brian Reale

  • We found how BPM together with other technologies can be used for improving efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise – our flexible BPM system will become an enabler for our business innovations. The recently published book “Improving enterprise business process management systems? answered most of our questions and provided good insights. Do you want to have a look at it?

    The author of this book.

  • Hi Boss, we considered the options carefully and want a balance of a trusted relationship with a vendor, without hoards of their consultants flooding our offices to 'configure' their overly complex solutions. So we selected a SaaS solution, getting us good-enough functionality, and allows us to have solutions up an running inside of two weeks.
    Oh, and I persuaded them to take a percentage of our savings rather than a flat fee, so they've put their money where their mouth is.

    I'll take a raise, rather than a promotion! ;)

    Phil Ayres

  • You didn’t say how many floors we got!

    Here’s what I'd say (assuming say 10 floors) -

    As you know, over the years we have invested much on many Enterprise Apps, and that’s all been good. But while they've helped us automate functions, we think we can get more competitive if we can help all those functions and apps work in better symphony. We found BPM the perfect way to work across those silos and plug all those gaps - not just gaps from apps, but also in business coordination! Business will be able to more directly influence solutions. BPM can help us not just automate but address cost and efficiency of our operations - in fact we have good data from some vendors who have demonstrated through "what-if" scenarios of Simulations, that we can tangibly optimise our processes and improve resource utilization, reduce costs, maximize efficiency, etc. With BPM we are confident of not only seeing much better internal control and effective agility to deal with competition, but also maximise in some of our past investments on technology. If you have about half an hour, we can come in and show you how some of those benefits can help us – in a measurable way in a very short time frame.

    Would 4pm Wednesday next week be good?

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    With our SAAS based BPM solution we can get the development and production environment enabled wihtin a week at a third of the normal cost. Our inital pilot will be delivered within nine months and following a review of the pilot we can then deliver additonal functionality or new processes incrementally over the next 6 months.

  • Hi, Boss. We're not buying BPM, we are buying a solution to our specific problem - [insert description here]. The reasons for doing this with BPM are that we get there faster and cheaper, and we end up with a solution we can change easily. The vendor we chose can handle our needs now and as we grow, and offers both SaaS and premises solutions.

    For our first project we are going to automate service tasks, improve consistency and accuracy of our case workers, and improve our customers' service experience. We'll see a real, measurable return in the next six months, and we can expand from there. Stop by my office and I'll show you the numbers and plans. If you stop by in two weeks, I'll show you the first round of the solution, which we just started in an AWS instance while we wait for hardware and finance to catch up.

  • Hold the presses. Four of these answers talk about BPM as a something you buy. BPM is not something you buy, BPMS is something you buy and it supports modeling and automating processes that have been vetted by a team of business process engineers. Are you selling BPM or BPMS to the boss?

    Geesh, I hope you're not actually trying to convince the CEO to buy a software solution.

    It's the CEO, no wonder this guy thinks IT is a bunch of wonks. He cares about his bottom line, his people and the operational efficiency of his organization. If it costs him $1m to make $50 or save $10, he's in.

    In my opinion, you're all at the bottom of the elevator shaft and the CEO is wondering why he hired this bunch of crackpots.

    The answer is simple. We've been operating many areas of our business without and effective roadmap. This is costing us time and money. I'd like to initiate a business process management effort to get these under control. I'll need some resources to assist me with putting the plan together for your review. But, mostly, we will want your support since collecting the information that is critical to our success may be slightly disruptive to the business and the other leaders will want to know you're behind this before they give up their precious time.

  • OR, you just talk about the weather, since the project cost for the BPM you chose was 5 figures instead of 7, and you didn't need to get CEO-level approval for it. :-)

    (And I agree with many of the other points as well, but they don't need to be repeated.)

  • The demo was incredible!!!

    (Then take the elevator back down.)

  • "Boss, i need your advise. I found a very economic way to cut a LOT of costs in a very short period. I also found a way to improve our customers satisfaction, to launch our next product much quicker, to shorten our average number of collection days etc etc, and I can do all of that in the next 6 months... WHERE SHOULD I BEGIN?"
    (Now u got his attention, he will ask - How? And then , as Doug said, tell him "The demo was incredible!!!" and as u r about to leave tell him " would u like me to ask the folks at PNMsoft to come again and show it to you as well?")

    Goodluck :-)

  • JP's comments are right on!

    It's obvious that the CIO has, once again, taken on a project which he and his staff have failed to properly evaluate and justify, and his chances of success are limited.

    I don't care what his elevator pitch is, the CEO's response should be: "I understand what your saying, and it looks like something we should consider. I tell you what - I'll consider giving you 6 figures to allow your staff to work with the VP of Operations on a pilot program. I want you both to come back to me in 10 days with a recommended pilot project plan, and we'll take it from there."

  • With BPM you can comply with all the international trade regulations without increasing the time and costs of the import and export process and you will reduce in a big amount the risk of the operation.

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    It's a simple answer....

    Without BPM squarely focused on continued process improvement measures, our systems will never be as effective as they could be. To reduce the cost and improve the ROI of our systems, BPM has to define the company's systems roadmap. Operations will be able to do more with less if given this opportunity as visibility for automation becomes clearly defined.

  • I couldn't agree more with JP. II should support business objectives and not try and sell software solutions internally. Have a simple 3 line business case with clear and specific expected benefits and the CEO may get off on your floor

  • The only place Process Automation comes before Process Discovery is in the dictionary

  • When a guy starts talking about BPM, throw him/her out of your office and remember this: the business-as-usual IT industry has squandered more public money than bank rescues in 2008-9. It's an measurable fact and BPM is just another piece of corrupt, complex IT thinking to confuse the CEO. Instead, just articulate your problem to anyone who understands how to build cloud apps on Force.com.

  • Boss, you're not only our CEO but also our Chief Process Officer and we're making sure that you have everything you need to perform this vital task. Without processes we're nothing but with you in a position to manage them, we'll be great/remain great/be great again :-)

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    What's Your BPM "Elevator Pitch?"

    Boss, "i do not have any platform where i can deploy all the processes for across the department and other subsidiaries", and maintain compliance for auditing..
    "i dont have constructive and 360 degree view of Bussines and IT system ". i am trying to monitor and control the Processes but failed.. no visibility and no accountability defined. so please..:) with smile :)

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    first of all for Open souce freek guys..

    for some co. open source works like wonder.. but same rule does not apply to all..

    first ofall check your requirement with available features with open source, fit into your eco system well.

    try to create next 5-7 years roadMap.. for IT and Business strategies .. with features and Commercials. and make comparison between Open source vs. NonOpen source system in 3Ms(man , machine , materials) etc.

    Pravesh Kumar sharda

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