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Will the Concept of "NoSQL" Help Accelerate the Acceptance of BI in the Cloud?

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This week's question comes from Soumadeep Sen, who asks: will the concept of "NoSQL" help accelerate the acceptance of BI in the cloud?

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  • It's not only in the cloud but even in the enterprise. BI users cannot go running to IT resources everytime they want to make a change to a report or need a new kind of report. Once the basic data is in the database or the warehouse, they should be able to create Drag and Drop reports without anyone writing one line of SQL code!
    Our company already does it! Not only with simple SQL but also Multi-dimensional queries. Our users love it!

  • The NoSQL concept of leaving source data in its original form and then transforming it as needed is very powerful, especially for large data sets that change significantly and often. Most likely, these large, dynamic data sets will align well with cloud computing because of the elasticity and distributed power this new, scalable deployment model can provide.

    Accessing NoSQL data and making it useful for a wide variety of BI users will require a new generation tool that not only integrates well with non-SQL data sources, but is easy to use (much along the lines of Nari's drag-and-drop scenario described above in his reply). Tools that can provide this type of simple but powerful access will enable a new breed of cloud-based BI user who may not know or appreciate the remarkable processing happening in the background.

    This is certainly the near-future scenario we are aligned with at Jaspersoft.

    Brian Gentile
    Chief Executive Officer

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