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Will Enterprises Look Towards Open Source for Their BI Needs?

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Soumadeep Sen asks: will enterprises look towards open source for their BI needs?

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  • They are already! Especially Small and Medium sized enterprises that have already automated their basic accounting, sales and basic manufacturing functions. They need Business Intelligence but find the standard solutions available too expensive. Either Open Source BI or SaaS BI would be attractive to them. Open Source BI is even more attractive since they can make sure that all the data stays within their premises!

    Large companies or parts of large companies are always looking for solutions in BI that their IT standardized BI solutions do not provide or do not have the flexibility and responsiveness they need. So many BI "Skunkworks" efforts are often implemented with Open Source BI since they are more cost effective than the enterprise BI that their IT may have standardized on!

  • Two major factors are conspiring to substantially increase enterprise interest in and use of open source BI alternatives.

    1. Product Maturity - The first is the fast-advancing maturity of open source BI products, which now have a significant portion of the functionality of their aged, proprietary competitors. Enterprises realize this and are more comfortable adopting for projects large and small.

    2. Troublesome Economy - The second factor is the global recession. IT leaders are realizing they simply don't have surplus funds to spend on expensive license and maintenance contracts for overly-complex, proprietary BI tools they will only partially use. Organizations are turning to open source BI (and open source software in general) at a faster rate because budgets are down amidst this difficult economy. Given the advantages of open source BI, these enterprises would have found it sooner or later, but sooner is better.

    At Jaspersoft, our total commercial sales pipeline has more than doubled in the past 12 months. As a percentage of that total pipeline, large enterprise prospects have about doubled as well. This growth shows even large company interest is clearly recognizing the new value of open source business intelligence.

    Brian Gentile
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Without a doubt, enterprises are looking at ways to implement BI more efficiently and cost-effectively. This does not de facto lead enterprises to select open source BI software, particularly given that what is saved on license fees can quickly rise on services and ongoing support.

    By contrast, consider MicroStrategy's new free Reporting Suite. It includes the same core software components of MicroStrategy's award-winning BI platform used by Fortune 500 companies, but with a $0 price tag for up to 100 users. Details and transparent upgrade paths are provided at http://www.microstrategy.com/freereportingsoftware.

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