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What Are the Top 5 Benefits BPM Delivers Today?

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This question comes from a blog post by Jim Sinur, which can be found here. So in your opinion, what are the top five benefits that BPM delivers today?

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    Effective Business Process Management leads to decreased costs, increased revenues and improved customer relationships and ultimately higher profits.

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    Decreased costs
    Better Governance & Compliance
    Higher Service Quality > Improved Customer Relationships
    Measures to Continuous Improvement

  • Increased operational efficiency
    Increased ability to innovate
    Increased business model flexibility (including flexible outsourcing)
    Improved governance and compliance
    Improved IT-business alignment

  • In my opinion the benefits depend on the type of business using the technology, and the type of solutions and/or methodologies they are trying to use. I think that even Jim would agree that not all BPM products are created equal, so the benefits coming from a specific solution may be different. But for simplicity I'll go with Scott and Bruno's answers for large enterprises.

    For SMBs, it is unlikely they will see the same results with the technology and methodologies used by the Fortune 500.

    For the SMBs, priorities are different and therefore they are unlikely to invest unless they are shown the following benefits:

    1) Make current customers ecstatic with every interaction, so that they...
    2) Increase referrals and make selling to new customers easier
    3) Reduce costs per transaction by 25%
    4) Maintain the quality of the process (perfection and optimization is unnecessary)
    5) Save more than the cost of the solution in the first three months of paying for it

  • Even a basic BPM implementation will deliver:

    - Lower costs
    - Fewer errors
    - Increased productivity
    - Process consistency and repeatability
    - Greater visibility into work in process

    As people become more comfortable and advanced with BPM, then they learn how to leverage the increased visibility to become more agile and responsive and to make process improvements that will yield even greater financial and operational benefits.

  • BPM *DONE WELL* offers all of the benefits listed above. BPM *DONE* offers the opportunity to align with corporate objectives without actually having to make a difference.

  • If we change the focus of the question to include enabling technologies like BPMS, a quick list (in no particular order) would be:
    1. Bring visibility and consistency to process definition via modeling
    2. Facilitation of process measurement to drive CPI & other quality initiatives
    3. Increase process participant accountability
    4. Drives alignment of business and IT
    5. Creation of an IT foundation upon which the business executes

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