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What are Enterprise IT Geeks Obsessed With Today?

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Jason English of iTKO: In our discussions over the last couple years, we've found that SOA is certainly not "dead" -- in fact it has become rather ubiquitous, just like Object Oriented design, eCommerce and other approaches that just became par for the course in enterprise software development. So if service-orientation is becoming a common practice, what is becoming the next obsession for enterprise IT?

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  • LOl... Now how could I possibly answer this question? :)

    However, if in some parallel universe, I were an Enterprise IT Geek then I would be obsessed with:

    A. Justifying all of the acronyms we have today,
    B. Coming up with new and improved reasons as to why all the above are still not enough to create an "enterprise" solution on time and on budget, and
    C. A program that generates new, sensible sounding acronyms that I would say are essential to getting what I stated was missing in B (above)

    This would be an iterative process in its entirety and in between stages and its implementation would beg, borrow, and steal from the best-of-breed Agile processes (XP, Scrum, etc.).

    But then, as I stated before, I'm not a Geek, so what would I know :)

  • IT geeks do not change...they are always passionate about the technology space/environment that they work in..

    I would say CLOUD COMPUTING is on top of their mind...will it reduce any of my pain points or will it take away work from me...How can I become a specialist on CLOUD

    They feel the operational/budget pressures as well...do more with less or same...so they are worried about their jobs...so they are obsessed with working harder then ever

    Compliance/Control/Processes is something a lot of IT Geeks want to stay away from...so How do you get them to care about it...is the CIOs challenge..

    Many a times...obsession brings aspiration and passion...leading to effeciency and growth...

  • SmartPhones and Form factors smaller than a Netbook are coming! IT better get geared with ensuring that these are integrated properly with their enterprise infrastructure!

    Not an obsession with IT geeks but something they will have to deal with since their constituencies will all be obsessed with them!

    There are 85000 apps on iTunes App store that can be used not only with iPhones but also iPod Touches!

  • Hopefully, getting stuff done! from @bmichelson via Twitter.

  • Extending access to apps and data -- securely, securely, securely -- to wider groups of users, inside and outside the extended enterprise.

  • Mostly their iPhones from what I can tell!

  • It's into the cloud with us! This should not be a surprise, though. Cloud computing (however you define it) is a natural progression from SOA, which was a natural progression from OO. It's the same concept, just at different scales, and IT is knocking them down in predictable order.

    More on service-oriented evolution here: http://tinyurl.com/yajd26d

  • Probably they are Riding the Google Wave to get into the Clouds ?

  • I wish the IT geeks I had run into recently really lived up to the 'geek' tag. The problem I have seen with some enterprise IT guys and girls recently is that they just don't have time to be geeky enough and keep up with, let alone apply, the vogue technologies and methodologies.

    I've talked about my experiences (explaining XML to IT professionals) in an insurance company in Mexico City recently: http://tinyurl.com/nanozg although the reality is that I've seen similar reactions from mid-sized organizations in the US as well.

    Perhaps the true geeks hide out with friends. It would be interesting to do a poll of the most geeky enterprise IT groups. I could imagine some competitiveness for the top-spot.

  • We found some very interesting results from some surveys we put out a few months ago. While you would expect “management? types to be concerned about several of these issues we found that the “geeks? and I am proud to say that I count myself as one, were very concerned with accelerating their product development efforts, escalating competitive advantage for their business, increasing their productivity, and reducing development costs.

    What we are also finding is that there is a high demand for smarter tools to help them with these efforts. Tools that can help them eliminate much of the redundancy that they experience when developing systems and help them achieve a more dynamic approach to solving business demands.

  • iPhone,Android, Cloud Computing, and may be WiTricity...

  • Same thing I have been for my entire career - getting the business to evolve to a point where it understands how to consume IT services, apply process & cost-justifications to requests and maybe even come up with a vision or high level BRD.

    ... oh you mean on the tech side? Pft, that's the easy part :)

  • user-pic

    Some good thoughts, if "IT Geeks" do have any spare time they should check out IT Manager III: Unseen Forces. Where choosing the right technologies are crucial to winning the game

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