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Will BI Ultimately Hurt Privacy?

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David Linthicum: Referring to the fact that guys like Google can determine our behavior by looking at Web use data, etc..Will BI ultimately hurt privacy?

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  • I'm not sure this forum question came out correctly. Will BI ultimately hurt privacy?. No it will not:). It's up to the enterprises like Google who are using BI tools to see how much they know about us or how much they can add to our profile based on our web behavior.

  • I guess the question is more about data privacy from the likes of google and also Social Media in general - The security concern will always be there in regards to data privacy and how it will be used, whether the banks that issue a Credit Card or Google capturing your web activities – it’s more of a credibility issue rather than BI as a concept.

    I am sure when organizations sign up for Google analytics they do go through the Terms and conditions :-)

  • In answer to your question - Will BI Ultimately Hurt Privacy? - BI itself won't hurt privacy - although data governance and privacy management will, as you can only access what you can get access to. I think there is a bigger grayer area of what data is allowed to be captured especially in the world of the web & cookies.
    BI allows an inference capability & ensures relevancy which is at the core of customer relationships whether real or digital.

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