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Is Twitter Doomed?

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There have been more than a few declarations of Twitter is dead. Problems stem from Twitter still trying to figure out a business model, as well as all the scammers and spammers that have come to populate the site.  So do you think Twitter is doomed to failure?

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  • Twitter may not be able to survive on its own, but there is likely to be no shortage of buyers when the time comes to cash out. Its worth noting that while Twitter isn't making any money itself, it is throwing off millions and millions in cash to every mobile phone carrier in the form of text message charges.

  • Twitter seems to have found a market. The spammers and scammers can be controlled through additional features. Not generating revenue and figuring out now how to transition from free to pay services is a huge hurdle. But the network they've built and the connections it contains are extremely valuable. The most likely course of action is to be acquired, but I don't see individuals leaving the Twitter network of their own will based on current configuration.

  • Twitter is a fad, easily replicable. It is being replicated and subsumed into other services. It did teach us the power of brevity.

    (Said that in 131 characters, btw...)

  • Twitter is another medium that has its merits. I think the technology will be relevant in devices with limited screen size such as mobile. But, after all, it is just another implementation of Publish-Subscribe.

  • Twitter is not at all doomed nor is it easily replicable. It's brand is quickly reaching ubiquity. Besides the obvious business of "immediate" search which Twitter already dominates, think about telephony. In 5 years, no one will use 10 digit phone numbers to make a phone call - it will be /breale or /processmaker - so the question is what comes before the "/" ? Is it facebook.com or twitter.com? Or is it skype.com - yes, they, too will be entering twitter's space shortly.

  • Twitter is not dead yet,first Twitter has to figure out how to generate revenue either by premium subscriptions or charging for API calls from the applications which is built around Twitter. Just like Linkedin has found a advertising model for publishers and media compaines, so they can reach Linkedin audience , twitter has to come up with something so media can reach it's audience. They have lot of cash in bank,within a year or two they should be able to come with a strong revenue model. I think they need a change in top management too many tech guys there , they can't think about revenue , they always think about features for a product. It's all about $$$.

  • Twitter certainly isn't dead but I'm not sure it's sustainable. It's a kitschy idea that went viral, now they need to find the business in it. There's obviously a market for enabling people to shovel-feed each other their random thoughts, so I'm sure they'll twink of twomething.

  • Right on, Marc. Any company that is valued at $1B with no revenue and less than 100 employees is destined for disappointment at some point. The odds are very much against a company sustaining the hype at this level.

    Yeah there's Google. But for every Google, Amazon, eBay or FB the road is littered with carcasses.

    Doomed? Eh. Tough road, totally.

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